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Blessings Kapina – Mana.

A Lilongwe-based musician, Mthunzi whole real name is Gift Mthunzi has drop a single titled ‘Azakulandira’.

 The Artist told Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Saturday said that, the single is meant to preach the gospel to the youth so that they should believe in Jesus Christ and in the end be saved.

‘’I believe that the youths are energetic and strong to easily take the gospel to the next level and it is very important to preach and mentor them so that they can be the vessels of the good news,’’ he said.

Mthunzi said the song is an inspiration from the book of John 3; 15-16 which calls all people to have faith in Jesus who was offered for mankind as sacrifice so that those who will believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

He added that, the song was composed to give hope to the hopeless youths who are walking in darkness that there is still hope for them to be saved by Jesus and enjoy His blessings.

‘’The song is going to bring a huge impact because the message in it is just straight forward, clear and easy for the young people to understand,’’ Mthunzi added. 

The Musician pointed out that, he is addressing the youth because they are the ones who are involved in malpractice.

He is encouraging them to go back to God whenever they are lost and He shall welcome them again regardless of their sins.

Part of the song, 

Kulandira moyo wako ambuye ndendiwokonzeka/ iye angofuna moyo wako utakonzeka/ Nkhomola chipulumutso ndenosilotseka/usachite manyazi oloenaazikuseka /ndimulunguchilichosendenondichotheka/ iyeangofunatchimolo utalileka/zisomondizifundozakendezizakutsata/ moyo mwako mulungu youkangompatsampata/Zilibekanthukutiwakhalamudimakwanthawiyayitari/bwerakwayesuiyeadzawalitsanyali/ ukhalemodzimwaiyeyoasilikari/

Mthunzi said that as an artist he feels happy when he is around and preaching to the fellow youth because they easily understand his language rather than the old.

He chose music to preach the gospel as it the easiest way to reach the lost souls to places he cannot physically reach.

The song produced by DJ OK at Home Made Studio is available for download on Mikozi Network website.






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