Blessings Gondwe to launch first album

By Blessings Kapina – Mana.


A Living Worship Music group gospel musician, Blessings Gondwe is set to launch his first album titled ‘Live Worship and Experience’ on March 29, at Cultural Center in Blantyre.

According to Gondwe, the album aims to preach the gospel of comfort, healing, enlightenment, speaking against sin as well as acknowledging God’s sovereignty and power.

“I am warning people of a careless lifestyle, like in the song ‘Nasibeko’ which talks about the cry of a girl who lived a careless life and now she is on the death bed struggling with AIDs and warns her friends to live a faithful life before she dies,” he said. 

Gondwe said that God has been preparing him for the ministry and this is the right time for him to preach the message of Jesus Christ through music.

“I think this is the only way I can reach out to many and even those who are afar and cannot be reached easily,” Gondwe said.

He added that, the album has songs of different languages such as Tumbuka, Chichewa and English and all are done in an extraordinary way and they are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

He further said that, the album also has the message about his union and the relationship he has with Jesus Christ. He is also acknowledging his love, care, mercy and grace as well as the happiness he has found in Jesus Christ.

Some of the activities lined up for the launch include: live music, CD/DVD selling and auctioning, introducing Living Worship 2020 music group as well as the story behind the project among others.

People should buy tickets in advance by mid-March at K4,000, entry fee is K4,000 and T-shirts will be sold at K5,000.

The project was done together with Living Worship Music group and recorded on May 3, 2019 at Blantyre Baptist Church. The audio CD was done by producer Jabay Nkhazi and DVD by Felix Tembo under Art cut Films.

Blessings Gondwe won a Mibawa musical competition in 2017 which recorded the album. Mana/bk/

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