Chibade set to release a new album

By Natasha Muthete – Mana.

Popular Musician, Thomas Chibade is set to release a new album titled “Wayiwala momwe unathera.”

Chibade is talented and famous in the music circles more especially to people in rural areas and has been silent for some time which made his fans wondering that maybe he gave up his career in music.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Monday in Lilongwe, he said that it was just a rumour that I stopped singing.

“I was preparing for another album, I cannot just release songs each and every year as I might end up releasing a waste album,” Chibade clarified.

He added that music was indeed a good business because in everything music is the best and that a lot of people like music.

“I cannot say when the album will be out but very soon will be out,” the musician added.

On his part, one of Thomas Chibade sponsors who is the founder of Events Management Firm, Chikumbutso Chikombelo said that Chibade is a gifted artist whose talent was just being overlooked considering the situation and tough times.

 “I would say he has gone through a lot, but as a music enthusiast I would not bear the pain in me to see his talent getting wasted when resources to support him are available.

“We are doing the whole sponsoring out of good will at the moment, there is absolutely nothing we are gaining as a company, this is because it’s like the artist is going through rehabilitation stage,” he pointed out.

Chikombelo added that when he releases his new album and things would get better for him then there would be a mutual agreement.

He said that for the time being, there was no any financial gain they are getting from him and they would not rest until his welfare gets wherever they want to be.

Thomas started his music career in 2005; his first track that made him popular was Dzatukusira,

He has six albums namely; Dzatukusira, Mufatse, Kuno nkumanda, Dzina langa and Sitilola.




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