“I am a Christian artist not Gospel artist.” Mussa.

I am a Christian- Mussa

-cant run away from politics

Iconic Malawian Musician Faith Mussa said he believe in God and always strive to please the most high God, Mussa whose style of music has impress and at the same time confuse his fans as they don’t even figure out whether he is gospel musician or not   said he do things that are for the goodness of human life not misleading people.

“I am not a gospel artist l am Christian Musician I believe in doing good in God’s Presence.” Said Mussa

Mussa whose one man band was part of Lake of Stars for this year’s edition said he would like to see Lake of Stars having one specific venue for the fans to get used to that venue.

“It is very imperative to have one venue for the fans to be familiar with the stage, and extend Lake of Stars further.”

The most decorated Faith Mussa also seizes the possibility of joining politics to follow suite his fellow musicians who are joining politics but pointed out that his music will always carry political attributed massage.

“Politics? No way but my song will do politics.”

Faith Mussa started his music career at the age of 12 with his brothers and sisters in the Mussa Family band years ago and dedicated Mussa still stick to his script in as far as music is concern.

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