Mixed fate towards the end of lake of stars

Fredokis performing during this year’s LOS 

As the annual festival is drawing its conclusion there is a lot to debate as it has been interesting event and at the same time draws sober mood to others after the burn of four cares on the night of Saturday and the strong wind in the morning of the last day (Sunday) destroying the tents around Kabumba Hotel.

Despite the turn of the event after the festival started well on Friday with great performances of both local and international artists but people still describing this year’s festival as the best since its making.

One of the international attendee Rina from America said she is looking forward to come back in next year’s festival as she has enjoyed this year’s event so much.

“This is amazing I have never been at Lake of Stars before this is my first time but I am already making plans of coming here next year.” Said Rina.

For the stage masters Ungadanian but based in London Love sega said he is very much excited and honored to be at this year’s Lake of stars and encouraged other artists who has never been at lake of stars before to make an effort to be in Malawi During next year’s event.

“I just love to be here, this is one of the interesting events.” Said Love Sega.

On the First day of the festival famous DJ from Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation Joy Nathu said that this year’s Lake of stars is epic encounter.

Joy Nathu remarks were justified during the first night as the performers of the night did not disappoint, Suffix, George Kalikusha and Love Sega both justified why they are performing at this year’s event.

The twist of fate come on Saturday as four Cars were destroy by fire a thing which raised questions on the organizer commitment to deal with emergency related issues during the event as it took close to three hours for the fire people to come and put up the fire.

One of the victim of fire said he is much disappointed by the organizers as he was told after the first car was burn that he should not move his care which was few meters away from the first burn car as authorities assured him that everything is okay.

Destroyed beyond repair part of the fateful scene

But when Crs online was going to the press public relation officer for Salima Police Station Jacob Khembo asked for time to establish the real facts about the un ford mistily of this year’s Lake of Stars.

“We are still investigating when we have the facts we will come back to you.” Said Khembo.

The organizers of this Year Lake of Star have not communicated officially on the predicament to the press so does the Kabumba hotel Management.

The event will come to an end during the early hours of Monday with some of the amazing performers yet to charm the stage.


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