Phalombe CCAP Mvano choir launches CD, DVD


By Linda Likomwa


Phalombe Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Mvano Choir Sunday launched its Valani zilimbe CD and DVD.

In an interview during the double launch Choir Chairlady, Esinala Khaniwa said they were grateful for the double launch which they had failed to do on April 7, 2023 due to Tropical Cyclone Freddy that hit the district.

“We were encouraged to proceed with the launch because of the album title which is saying no matter how hard the situation is, God is there to support,” she said.

Khaniwa said apart from inviting others choirs, they invited Poet Mlakatuli, Raphael Sitima so that people who love poetry should not be left behind.

Moderator for the Church, Rev. Joster Nkhoma said there is power in preaching the word of God through music saying the messages carried out in the songs would reach many people who would be listening to the songs.

He added that people react differently when listening to music and as such it was easy for them to receive the message from the songs and act upon it.

NKhoma advised the women to be the first in doing what they were preaching in their songs so that people could learn from them.

One of the participants at the launch, Memory Banda said the launch brought together people from different churches in the district to support the women, to dance and celebrate with them.

Among the notable performers were Kamuzu Barracks Gospel Singers, Neligo Women and Raphael Sitima.

The album has 11songs.


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