Pachi trains drama groups in Malaria and COVID-19 message delivery

By Wisdom Ngwira – Mana.

 Parent and Child Health Initiative (Pachi) has expressed the importance of drama groups to know what actual message they want to convey to their audiences when performing their plays to enhance behaviour change.

According to Pachi, it is imperative for drama groups to be well equipped with relevant messages so that they transfer the same to the communities during their performances.

In an Interview after the training of various members of drama groups from Traditional Authorities Mtwalo and Mpherembe in Mtwalo, Pachi Project Officer for Mzimba North, Mackson Mtambo, said drama groups play a crucial role in information dissemination.

He said that is why they need to be targeted with basic information on health-related issues which they can relay to the public.

The groups were trained on how they can deliver malaria and COVID-19 messages to the communities, according to Mtambo.

“We are currently leaving in a situation where there are a lot of information distortions and this is why we deliberately targeted drama groups with Malaria and COVID-19 messages.

“We would like to ensure that these drama groups give out only relevant preventive information surrounding these two diseases as they wreak havoc,” said Mtambo.

He further explained that drama groups are some of the most reliable stakeholders in information dissemination and that they attract a lot of people during their performances.

Speaking on behalf of the trainees, Mary Kaira of Mtwalo Drama Group, commended Pachi for the initiative.

“Basically, drama groups lack such kind of trainings and I am sure we will, from here, be delivering relevant information to the general public,” said Kaira.


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