Suffix fist impression

He did not disappoint-Suffix

The iconic and decorated hip-pop gospel artist Suffix live full to the expectations of his fans during the first night of the annually lake of stars arts festival which is currently underway in Salima at Kabumba Hotel to be specific.

Suffixs was not the only local artist who lighted up the main stage during the first night but RnB artist George Kalikupsa on the another beach  stage during the  same night was also  doing magic by lifting the spirit of the crowed who are gracing the 15th edition of the Lake of star.

The talk of the first night was the acoustic performance of Suffix as both of the host Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation DJ, Joy Nathu and Hip-pop female artist Rina describing suffix performance as epic encounter.

“This is one the finest performance of the night.” Said Joy

While Rina describe the Suffix performance as magical.

Suffix famous songs like Dziko lili pamoto and Amamva live nothing for the fans but making the spectators demanding for more as the energetic Suffix was living the stage.

To perform today (Saturday)- Mussa

Local fans will be expecting some other performance from local artist who are going to cheer the fans today, Faith Mussa, Fredkiss and Zathu are among other local performers during the night of Saturday {today}.

This year’s lake of stars started yesterday (Friday) and is expected to be wrapping up tomorrow (Sunday) with some amazing performance still to come.

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