Upcoming gospel artist releases a new single

By Ireen Kayira – Mana.

A Blantyre based upcoming gospel artist, Atikonda Prince Kamowa has recently released a single titled Mumandikonda which is emphasising on the love of God on His people.

Speaking with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) Kamowa said the song which was released on January 15 is talking more of unconditional love of God on people.

In the song the artist is amazed with the love that God has on everyone despite who the person is or his looks or talent.

The song has been produced by Jamoh Hojan from Palm Records in Blantyre and is targeting everyone who believes in the Lord.

He further said people should expect a lot from him as he has planned to produce more music that will bring hope and change people’s lives.

“Currently I’m recording an album which will be released this year and is being produced at palm recodes,” he said.

However, as upcoming he said so far he has faced disappointment in the industry more especially on concerts because event organisers do not honour their agreements.

“The industry is developing but slowly because of such people that exploit upcoming artists and it’s not only the event organisers,” he said.

Kamowa said he started his career at church as a guitarist in 2014. In 2018 he released first single titled ‘Nyimbo Yanu’ and in the same year he started establishing himself as an artist.

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