Upcoming spoken word artist drops EP S.H.

By Lusayo Singogo – Mana.

An up-and-coming spoken word artist Essyvert, real name Esther Ndhlozi, has released her first ever audio spoken word Extended Play (EP).

The EP is titled S.H.E and was released on Monday, June 1, 2020, in which she arguably cements her voice in poetry and spoken word.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Tuesday, Essyvert said the electronically released EP was produced by Chawabwata and consists of seven spoken words.

“The EP suits almost every age group and gender but most of the pieces are in a females’ perspective hence the title.

“It carries messages of hope, motivation, encouragement and pride, among others. It is a whole package full of various emotions so I expect anyone going through any situation to get inspired after listening to it,” said Essyvert.

According to the Mzuzu-based artist, she became passionate about the art after she performed at her aunts wedding in 2018 where different local celebrities present acknowledged her work.

“While in my journey of trying to know more about the art, one day I was privileged to witness the performance of the award winning spoken word artist and educator, Qabaniso Malewezi, held at Mzuzu International Academy. His performance inspired me a lot and right there, I vowed to work hard so that, one day, I also become a renowned spoken word artist like him,” she said.

One of the people who has listened to the EP, Patience Nyirenda from Mzuzu said he is already enjoying the spoken words and hopes that Essyvert releases more of the kind with the same strong and heartfelt messages.

“I feel it is an excellent piece of art for a 16-year-old girl. In the EP, she tackles issues that are full of life and very practical. The spoken words are on point, I love the creativity and the messages therein. I must say, such art is not easy to do. Essyvert is undoubtedly on a path to greatness in spoken word poetry and needs as much support from both local and international communities as possible,” said Nyirenda.

The EP is currently available in electronic form at K1,000 and can be purchased through the artists phone number: +265 991 43 63 82 or through the National Bank: 3574989.

Essyvert plans to release singles and albums in the near future, featuring both local and international artists.

In the long run, she also plans to start her own institution that will nurture talent in Malawi and encourage the voice of the voiceless to be painted in the arts of their work.


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