Supports Matuli Health Centre patients in Mzimba district with assorted food items.

By Fegson Phabuli.

As Malawi and the rest of the world celebrate New Year, 2022, Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) Victory members took an initiative and stretched their hands in supporting Matuli Health Centre patients in Mzimba district with assorted food items on 31 December 2021.

One of the patients at the Centre, Susan Chisi who was with her sick infant daughter at the facility, said the donation will at least ease the burden which her family could have had on New Year’s Day.

Receiving her gift from one of the Victory members.

“The commodities will assist my family because these are some of the basic needs that we lack as a family,” She said.

During the donation, Group Village Headman Nyankhwemba Munthali from Matuli under Traditional Authority Kampingo Sibande thanked all Victory associates for choosing people from his area to benefit from the donation.

“We are very thankful for the gesture to give people who are sick an end of year cheer. It is not an easy thing for the Victory Comrades to come up with this donation and also thinking of choosing Matuli Health Centre’s patients as beneficiaries,” he said.

Medical Assistant at Matuli Health Centre Joseph Banda also expressed his gratitude by saying the donation is good for the recovery of the patients as it boosts their morale.

“A patient most of the time finds it hard to get basic needs, this donation will assist these patients in boosting their recovery,” said Banda.

Lusungu Mwakhwawa who is one of the AFFORD Victory members said the donation is meant to cheer the patients as they are in difficult times.

Mwakhwawa making a donation.


“I thank my fellow Victory Comrades for their financial contributions and moral support towards the event.

The donated items included Soap, Sugar, Orange Squash, Salt, loaves of Bread and Rice. These items were given to 39 beneficiaries.

Victory Comrades is a party affiliate of the Alliance for Democracy, AFORD.

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