Balaka District Council in clean-up campaign

By Louis Kumchima – Mana.

Balaka District Council on Friday organized and launched the first ever clean-up campaign within the districts central business area in a bid to advance hygiene and sanitation practices.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) District Commissioner (DC) for Balaka, Emmanuel Bambe said the exercise would be happening every month, saying issues of hygiene and sanitation were paramount as they concern the well being of people.

“We felt that Balaka is in bad state in terms of sanitation and it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that our town looks clean.

“We teamed up with various stakeholders to conduct the exercise. The message will also be disseminated to our Traditional Authorities to champion the idea,” he said.

Bambe disclosed that the council was working tirelessly to get rid of garbage that was out of control in various markets across the district.

“When I came I found out that tractors are out of operational and this time around we have put some measures to make sure that they are on the road all the time and that fuel is readily available,” the DC recalled.

Balaka District Environmental Health Officer, Thomas Mchipha, who is Committee Chairperson of the Campaign, described the exercise as crucial, saying it would enable Balaka citizens live in a safe environment from diseases.

“We need to sustain our status. As you know, Balaka is the first district to be declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) in Malawi hence we have to be proud of this and always strive to make sure that people are not urinating and littering anyhow,” he said.

During the exercise, Council officials which included the District Commissioner, Heads of Departments, Council Junior Staff and CSOs working in Balaka swept and slashed around the central business area.


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