Bongololo Gondwe endorsed as heir to Chikulamayembe chieftaincy

By Enalla Mnyenyembe – Mana

Chikulamayembe Royal Family has appealed to the President to endorse Joseph Bongololo Gondwe as heir to Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe.

Speaking Friday during a Press briefing, one of the loyal family members, Collins Gondwe Bongololo said following court order that both parties should discuss the matter; the family members have elected Bongololo Gondwe to be the next Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe.

“We would like people to know that we have elected Bongololo Gondwe. We would like the President to endorse him as our Paramount Chief considering that we haven’t had a paramount chief for a long period following the death of the former paramount chief born Walter John Hardy Gondwe on November 29, 2018,” he said.

Bongololo added that the family was waiting for the President to endorse Joseph Bongololo Gondwe as he was the one who has been elected by both parties that were involved in the court case over the chieftaincy wrangle.

“We request the President to endorse him as our paramount chief so that these chieftaincy wrangles should come to an end start working as a single royal family and stop fighting each other over the chieftaincy,” he said.

Bongololo urged politicians against meddling involved in the chieftaincy issues as has been the case in the past, saying political involvement was one of the factors that lead to divisions amongst members of the royal family.

“We are one so no politician should get involved in the chieftaincy issues because we have already chosen the one to be our next paramount chief,” he said.

On his part, leader of the delegation, Moses Gondwe said both parties reconciled and agreed to hold an election to vote for the one to take up the chieftaincy.

“I was supporting Mtima Gondwe to be the heir to the throne but after the court ruling, both parties agreed elected Joseph Bongololo Gondwe as heir to the chieftaincy,” he confessed.

Moses Gondwe added that Joseph Bongololo Gondwe was the right person to be next Paramount Chief.

Judge, Thomson Ligowe of Mzuzu High Court on April 13, 2021 ordered the removal of Mtima Gondwe from the throne describing his appointment as a breach of procedures and was therefore unlawful and unconstitutional.


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