Chayamba Secondary School gets ICTequipment

By Vincent Khonje – Mana.

Chayamba Secondary School in Kasungu on Monday received 12 computer sets from one of the country’s mobile and Information Communications Technology (ICT) service provider, TNM Plc.

The computer donation, replete with internet connectivity tools, is part of the company’s ICT for Schools’initiative, through which selected public education institutions will benefitfrom the TNM’s digital literacy agenda.

TNM’s Brand and Communication Manager,Limbani Nsapato said the company understands the critical need for students tobe exposed to computer knowledge and internet access. 

“We are living in a global world and itis only right and proper that our students get exposure of what is happeningout there. We want to reach out and improve the levels of digital literacy inMalawi,” said Nsapato.

Deputy Head teacher of the school DereckMkandawire said the donation was a step forward towards acquisition of qualityand relevant education for students.

“The country is striving to be sciencedriven and we cannot talk of science education without computers. This is theright time the school has acquired computers which will benefit both teachersand students,” said Mkandawire.

Government introduced computer subjectsin schools but most of the schools only learn theoretical part of it because oflack of equipment.

Blessings Nyirenda, a form four studentat the school said learning ICT without computers is the hardest thing to do ascomputer studies is a hands-on subject.

“When you are learning ICT lessons youhave to know about the theoretical as well as practical part of it. Thesecomputers will help us get the practical part of the computer lessons,” saidNyirenda.

The donation at Chayamba was the secondone after Januwale Community Day Secondary School in Thyolo.





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