Commitment key in Enhanced Public Works Programme success

By Vincent Khonje – Mana.

As National Local Government Finance Committee’s (NLGFC) implementation of sub-projects in the Enhanced Public Works Programme (EPWP) draws closer commitment to work in the projects has been said to be key.

EPWP is being piloted in 10 districts and Kasungu is one of the districts, the programme will be implemented in five catchment areas.

Community members from Chatalala catchment area in the Traditional Authority (TA) Njombwa said commitment by the people was very crucial to success of the programme.

The programme aims at conserving natural resources in order to create quality and sustainable community assets through a holistic catchment management approach.

Catchment Management Committee (CMC) Vice Chair, Ireen Ngwira told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the people need to be united and work on the sub projects.

“We have too many problems arising from environment degradation and this programme wants to address these problems.

“If we are committed as a community, we will help solve problems that affect us and then we will improve lives,” she noted.

Village Head Chakhala of TA Njombwa said the people in his village are aware of the impending programme as they have been told about the importance of the sub projects to them.

“Environment is important in people’s lives and we have problems of cutting down trees which has led to soil degradation due to water runoff.

“These problems are there in other areas too but the people have been committed to deal with them which we also have to do,” he said.

The CMC and foremen were shown a Njira Watershed Management documentary which shows how people in Balaka and Machinga came dealt with environment degradation in their areas to draw lessons and best practices before they start to implement the EPWP.

Meanwhile implementation of sub-projects starts August, 2020 according to EPWP National Coordinator, Stanley Chuthi.

“We will proceed with implementation and we will make sure Covid-19 preventive measures are followed as put by government. It is our hope that council and communities will understand by observing these measures,” he said.

EPWP is being piloted in Kasungu, Lilongwe, Dowa, Nkhotakota, Karonga, Chitipa, Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Balaka and Phalombe.



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