Covid-19 being hampered due to lack of potable water

By Tione Andsen – Mana.

Village Headman Kambola of Ntchisi has observed that the fight against Covid-19 was being hampered due to lack of potable water in the area.  

He made the revelation during the launch of strengthening of Community Health Structures in response to Covid 19 by World Vision Malawi (WVM) at Kambola Village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Vuso Jere in Ntchisi.

Kambola said with the advent of Covid-19 potable water has become handy but there area has few water points to sufficiently supply the communities. 

“We are requesting WVM, government and other development partners to come to our secure to address the current situation. You can drill boreholes or provided us with piped water supply,” the Village headman suggested. 

He feared that problem of water would be grave in the month of October where women would be subjected to walking long distance to fetch water.

Kambola said washing hands regularly amidst Covid-19 pandemic would be affected since they would be inadequate water supply to the communities.

“We will be relying on unprotected source of water and this will pose a threat go most households in the area. We have six villages within Kalira Area Programme   (AP) in need of water points,” he added.

Traditional Authority (TA) Vuso Jere said drilling additional boreholes in the area would complement the already existing ones.

He said once there are drilled they would drastically reduce congestions at water points and distance to fetch water. 

Deputy Director for Community Health in Ministry of Health, Doreen Ali promised to work together with Ntchisi District Council to see how best to solve the water problem.

She said development partners such as WVM need to be approach to find out ways and means to tackle the issue jointly.

“Provision of potable water to communities remains instrumental to promote of hygiene and sanitation in any area. We are encouraged that traditional leaders are now able to identify key problems their communities are facing in awake of Covid-19 pandemic,” Ali pointed out.

WVM National Director, Hazel Nyathi said apart from washing hands regularly to fight Covid-19 pandemic, communities are being encouraged to develop the culture of wearing face masks.

She said wearing face masks would help to reduce local transmission of the disease and that observing of social distancing should enhanced.

“We were impressed to see that Mponda gears are now place in front of a house instead of the traditional place close to toilets. Apart from this Covid-19 messages have been simplified by posting them on walls of houses,” Nyathi stated. 

Kambola Villages has 511 families with a population of 2,430 people, 1,116 males, 1264 females with 291 under five children and 763 houses.


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