DHO takes Covid-19 vaccine awareness to rural communities

By Wisdom Ngwira – Mana.

District Health Office (DHO) for Mzimba North in conjunction with Malawi Network of Aids Associations (MANASO) Monday took Covid-19 vaccine awareness campaign to communities in the outskirts of Mzuzu City.

Speaking at Ekwendeni Main Market, Mzimba North DHO Community Nurse, Mercy Tauka said as the Covid-19 pandemic continues wreaking havoc, it was necessary for people in the country to get vaccinated as a way of protecting themselves from the virus.

She said the vaccine has an advantage that the degree of sickness becomes mild for those who have received the vaccine once infected with the virus.

“While we continue encouraging each other to abide by the other Covid-19 preventive guidelines, we should consider getting the Covid-19 vaccine so that we boost our immunities.

“The vaccine helps to ensure that in the event where one gets infected with the virus, his or her does not get worsened up the point of being hospitalized,” Tauka added.

She advised people against falling victims of misconceptions surrounding the pandemic saying government in collaboration with various stakeholders have put in place strategies to ensure that Malawian have access to the right information.

 “Some of these misconceptions are just mere lies aimed at instilling fear in people so that they should not to get their first dose,” the community nurse explained.

MANASO Chairperson for Mzimba North, Stalin Nkhonjera said it was encouraging to note that many people are expressing interest to get the vaccine compared to last time when the vaccine was first introduced in the country.

“We need to keep on reminding communities that the disease is real and many people are dying hence the need to get the vaccine,” he said.



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