Engineers Battalion conducts 25 km route march physical exercise

By Yankho Phiri – Mana.

Malawi Defense Force (MDF), Engineers Battalion on Kasungu Thursday conducted a 25 kilometre route march from Kamuzu Academy in Mntunthama to Kasungu Stadium while carrying a 25 kgs load.

According to Commanding Officer of the Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel, Given Sichali, the march was conducted to boost and test physique of the soldiers plus a public visibility.

“Over the time, we do conduct such route marches with a couple of reasons such as to test the fitness of our soldiers, promoting teamwork and discipline among the soldiers and to show ourselves to the residents so that they must be aware that we are available and we are part of them,” he said.

Speaking after the march at Kasungu Stadium, the Commanding Officer told the media his soldiers are among the strongest soldiers in the country as all of them finished the test without anyone getting injured or failing.

“As the Commanding Officer for Engineers Battalion, I do challenge that the soldiers I have at my camp are exceptionally strong than others because they train everyday throughout the year,” Sichali said.

He said that as soldiers whose role was to provide security to the nation they are ready to take part in providing maximum security next week as would be conducting fresh Presidential election.


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