Gathering momentum- Joshua in Lion’s Den

By: Louis Khama Majamanda

A Man on a Mission- Mbere

A hectic mouth of campaigning after Malawi electro commission MEC launched a Campaign period on Monday at Bingu international conference Center in Lilongwe, setting the political ground leveled for the battle of Manifestos.

In Salima district especially Salima Central Constituency where three out of five Member of Parliament aspirants are gathering momentum by campaigning to convince the electorates to vote for them come 21 March this year.

Joshua Chisa Mbere of UTM party, Gerald Kapiseni Phiri of Malawi Congress Party and Minister of Justice and constitutional affairs Samuel Tembenu for Democratic progressive party both seem to have a chance of getting more votes out of 170,427 ( hundred and seventy thousands four hundred  and twenty seven voters).

Challenger- Kapiseni

But recently Joshua Chisa Mbere establish himself as the favorite for the upcoming polls, as he is putting much focus on his bid to win the polls.

Mbere who is preaching to change the face of Salima, time and again refuse to be a failure as he look forward to win despite Kapiseni impact in his attribute as the favorite “Mwana wa Mmudzi” as he is often called by his followers.

“I don’t want to give any one an opportunity on the ground, time has come for Salima to change, this is the year to remove the old guys in power.” Said Mbere in one of his whistle stops he has been conducting across the district.

“Chaka chino ndichochotsa nkhalamba Kumunda, ‘this is time to remove old people from farms,’ in each and every country l have been to, it is a government responsibility to take care of old people.”  

Mbere a believer in Social cash social transfer policies acknowledge that the past Member of Parliament of Salima Central Constituency failed the district as Salima look like remote area not town.

“Honestly saying we don’t have cities in Malawi, if I was to be given an opportunity to choose where the capital city should be located believe me l could choose Salima, this is the perfect area for Capital city to be.”

An engineer by professional Mbere invested much in other companies and Banks such as First Capital Bank and other institution including having companies in China and South Africa a thing which he get all because of had working.

Political scientist from University of Malawi Chancellor College Ernest Thidwa said despite Malawi electro ban of handouts but having financial power during campaign period give you an advantage.

“Money helps, in each elections year it all goes to total spending for someone to win the elections.” Said Thidwa

“Yes I know you have to be loved by people but financial power contributes a lot.”

Chisomo radio station political radio program ‘Mmau Awo’ rated Kapiseni Phiri and Joshua Chisa Mbere as closest contenders as both received 50% each by the co- host of the program Jeverson Sagunga.                     

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