Man arrested for arson in Balaka

By Mary Makhiringa – Mana.

A 35-year-old man, Kenneth Nowah is in police custody in Balaka for allegedly setting on fire two houses belonging to his wife and his mother-in-law.

According to Balaka police Publicist Felix Misomali, the incident  happened during the night of May 31, 2020 at Mpandasoni Village in Sub Traditional Authority Phalula’s area.

Said Misomali, :”It is alleged that three days before the incident, Noah brought in a 50 killogram bag of maize at the house for food, but he sold half of the maize for beer drinking, a development that did not go well with the wife, Maria Lingisoni (25) who accused him of being inconsiderate.

“On the material night, the two failed to resolve their misunderstandings, and when the wife went to report the issue to the marriage councillor (ankhoswe), Noah set her house and that of his mother-in-law, Annie Steven (48) on fire under the influence of alcohol.”

According to the publicist, the total value of property burnt in the two houses is six hundred and sixty five kwacha.

Meanwhike, Noah will appear in court soon to answer charge of arson contrary to section 337 of the penal code.

Noah comes from Kalimilamoto Village, Sub Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre.

Police is therefore warning people in the district to risk being prosecuted once caught breaking the law regardless of being marriage partners or not.



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