By Beatrice Ligomeka – Mana.

Second Grade Magistrate Court in Blantyre Wednesday sentenced Mike Nkalemwa, 36, to three months Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) for selling medical drugs without a license from the Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board which is contrary to Section 45 of the Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board Act.

The Court heard through State Prosecutor, Sergeant Mark Kavalo of Ndirande Police Station that on May 19, 2023, they received a tip from the members of the community that Nkalemwa was selling drugs without a license and was arrested upon failing to produce a certification of drug sales.

“We were informed by the community members that the convict was selling various assorted medical drugs in his shop including Ibuprofen, Decrofenac, Abendazol, Amoxylin, Parapain, Paracetamol and Emergency pills,” he said.

In mitigation, Nkalemwa pleaded guilty of the charge asked for leniency citing he has family obligations and that did not know selling drugs without a license was illegal.

In his submission, Kavalo asked the court to consider giving the suspect a stiffer punishment considering that he was a threat to the public as he does not know how to prescribe a dosage and people may lose life from buying medicine to such dealers.

Second Grade Magistrat,e Mercy Katunga said the crime committed was serious since Nkalemwa did not have any recommended training to handle medical drugs thereby putting lives of many people at risk.

To deter other would-be offenders, she sentenced Nkalemwa to three months IHL and ordered immediate return of the confiscated drugs to public hospitals.

Nkalemwa hails from Undi Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Machinjiri in Blantyre.






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