Minster impressed with technological innovations at Mhub

By Sylvester Kumwenda – Mana.

Minster of Youth and Sports, Ulemu Msungama said he was impressed with technological innovations that Mhub was doing.

He said the development would go a long way in both developing Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the country and in creating jobs for the youth.

Msungama made the remarks Wednesday in Lilongwe when he toured Mhub Offices, which is a technology and innovation hub championing the development of local technological solutions.

The Minister was briefed about various ICT innovations the firm is implementing under the Jobs for Youth initiative.

He said communication technology is the current order of the day, as such; to have the youth in the forefront coming up with various technological innovations in the communication sector is commendable.

“I am impressed with what the young people at Mhub are doing are doing, and getting to know the programs they are doing, I feel like as a nation we are moving forward.

“People need information every day, people need to communicate every day, and especially with the problem of Covid-19 we are facing which has created a new phenomenon of social distancing, technology can help to connect people in the virtual space and get life going. So I am impressed that these youths can do that and much more,” Msungama said.

He added saying the 1 million jobs could be created by supporting these types of initiatives.

Msungama said such said his Ministry would look at ways on how best utilize Mhub in its activities  and  how best to help them in achieving their dreams of expounding their territory from Lilongwe to other areas like Blantyre, Mzuzu or Karonga, in the process, employing hundreds of youths too.

The Minister said it was high time people stop thinking his Ministry was only there for football and netball which he said re-just a minor component of his Ministry.

“This is a big Ministry covering over 70 percent of the population which are the youth, it means even our priorities should think of the young people. My vision is to give the youth what they want which can be achieved by accommodating them in whatever we do,” he said.

 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Mhub, Vincent Kumwenda said they are working with different young emerging entrepreneurs in the technology space and other sectors by providing them with different resources to grow their businesses to the next level.

These include but not limited to finance, technical support and space where they can operate from.

“In 2018, we partnered with the ministry of youth to work on this Jobs For Youth project. On our part, we focus more on young people who have ideas in businesses around ICT.

“As of now we have trained 101 young people and they have been able to go out there, set up businesses and recruit other people,” he said.

Kumwenda said the visit by the Minister signifies the importance of the working relationship with the Ministry bearing in mind that their firm is working with many youths.

“This means they have confidence in the work we are doing with the youth and it gives us huge motivation to work hard in helping the youths,” he said.


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