Minster presents UNICEF donated vehicle to Neno Youth Centre

By Temwa Chiumia – Mana.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Ulemu Msungama Friday presented a vehicle to Neno Integrated Youth Centre to improve operations for the institution.

He said the centre has potential to transform lives of many youth in the district if given enough support the place could help in creating more jobs for the youth. 

“This Place used to be Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) Base, they used it for agriculture activities and 2012 some structures where built but till now it’s not operating even some other items are starting to wear out.

“As the government, we are going to make sure that we make everything right for this place to start serving it purpose that’s why we have started by donating this vehicle,” the Minister noted.

Msungama added that in order to improve one need to acknowledge a need, the Youth Department has so many needs in Neno but transport was a necessity in every sector so this vehicle would bridge the gap of communication through transport.

District Youth Officer (DYO)  who is  the managing  the Youth Centre, Hope Mwafurliwa thanked the Minister for the donation saying the vehicle has arrived at its most needed time as the Department had challenges in terms of transport among others. 

“I thank the Minister for coming with the vehicle in this time of Covid-19 and has tried his best to see how we are struggling here in Neno, we have a lot of things that are not working but upon his coming he has promised to help us and am convinced with his speech,” he said. 

The Centre is supposed to produce agricultural products while training young people but it has not been utilized fully.

Another Technical College that was built by Vale Logistics was not operation awaiting handovers to the Ministry. 


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