Mzuzu vendors hail MRCS in Covid-19 fight

By Zenak Matekenya – Mana.

Vendors from different markets in Mzuzu City have commended Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) for taking Covid-19 fight initiative to markets.

This follows MRCS’s intensification of Covid-19 preventative awareness due to a surge in spread of the pandemic in the city.

The Organisation has trained over 5, 000 volunteers’ across the county to take Covid-19 messages to markets, communities and various public places.

When MRCS took the awareness campaign to Area 1 B Market Friday, Secretary for the Market, Akimu Nthambo bemoaned traits of denial over the existence and danger of Covid-19 around the market.

“It adds value when an organisation like this one comes and civic educate people on preventive measures other than just hearing the messages on radios,” he said.

Chairperson for Kaviwale Market, Osborn Kumwenda commended the organisation for donating water buckets to the market; a development which he said would motivate people at the market to be washing hands.

“People patronizing the market stopped washing hand way back. The bucket we had, got damaged sometime back. We have been conducting business as usual because we felt the virus is no longer a threat to us,” he said.

MRCS Communications Manager, Felix Washoni expressed gratitude over positive feedback from communities out the campaign.

“We noted that there were several gaps that needed to be addressed as most of the messages were developed way back in April when we had two or three cases. The figures continue to skyrocketing at an alarming rate. We have over 60 people that have died of the pandemic in the country,” she said.

Washoni said the organisation is collecting feedback from communities through risk communication and community initiative which is used in beefing up the preventive measures.

He said much as people have received preventive messages, there was need for concerted efforts by everyone in enforcing their implementation.

Besides distribution of water buckets, soap, posters and brochures to markets and communities, the organisation is using a mobile van for mass awareness in targeted areas.


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