Police speak tough on sharing pornographic materials

By Jessie Akambadi – Mana.

Malawi Police Service MPS) has warned the public against the sharing of pornographic materials, saying they will penalise all those who engage in such acts.

National Public Relations Officer for MPS, James Kadadzera, said police have learnt with shock about the increase in the sharing of fake and unacceptable materials, including those that are pornographic in nature.

“From now onwards, anyone found to be sharing such materials will be arrested and punished heavily,” he said.

“The law is very clear on that, and we are moving forward to enforce it. Anyone found breaking this law would be dealt with decisively,” warned the police spokesperson.

The warning by the police comes on the heels of a leaked pornographic video of a Mangochi-based teenage girl who was having love affairs with an elderly man.

The police are currently investigating the source of the video and have vowed to deal with all those who were involved in sharing it.

Rumours were rife that the girl in the video was from St. Michaels Girls Secondary School.

However, Headteacher for the school and the MPS have dismissed the allegations, saying the girl in the video was not the one on the photo circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, MACRA has released a public announcement warning against the distribution of pornographic materials.

According to MACRA Spokesperson, Clara Mwafulirwa who cited the Cyber Security Act of 2016, Section 24(2), it is against the law to possess, distribute and transmit pornographic materials in the country.


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