…"the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few,” Mathew 9:37.

By Zenak Matekenya – Mana.

Ekwendeni School for Visual Impairment hosts 45 learners who are faced with numerous challenges to taste a conducive learning environment and realise their dreams.

Lack of consistency in water supply due to unsettled bills resulted in suspension in use of flash toilets. Walking distance to the next source of water makes life even tougher for a visually impaired child.

Last term the school closed prematurely due to lack of food and other basic needs for the leaners. Meanwhile a computer that translates information from brail is non-functional making learning difficult.

On its part, Mary Mount Secondary School Class of 2001, fixed broken windows, beds and desks at the school and donated assorted food items during a luncheon with the learners Sunday. The Mary Mount Alumni a call for well-wishers to assist the future leaders at the facility.

Malawi News Agency photojournalist Zenak Matekenya captured the event.

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