16 people arrested for looting shops on demonstration day


By Joseph Mbughi – Mana

Police in Chitipa have arrested 16 people for looting Chipiku, Kulima Gold and farmers world shops in the district.

Concerned Citizens in Chitipa organized demonstrations on Friday, demanding the removal of Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officers from Mbilima Border Post, a border between Malawi and Republic of Tanzania.

In their petition, the protestors demanded construction of a road from Chitipa Boma to the border.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Chitipa Police Station, Sub Inspector, Gladwell Simwaka said the protestors marched from Chitipa Round About to MRA Offices to present their grievances.

He said in the course of their demonstrations, they became violent and started throwing stones at MRA officials.

“The demos went and they reached at the District’s Trading centre where they broke into Chipiku shop and went away with every item from the shop.

“As this was not enough they also went on and took some assorted items in Kulima Shop and they also stole some iron sheets from Farmers world,” Simwaka explained.

The PRO added that the rooters went away with bags of fertilizer and cement, bails of sugar, bottles of cooking oil, soap, flour and mattresses.

Simwaka said following the breaking, the police have arrested 16 people who are suspected to have taken part in the looting.

He said the suspects would appear in court soon to answer charges of breaking and theft cases.


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