“Be careful” UTM warned by registrar

Warned Chilima and his UTM Political grouping

The Malawi office of registrar of Political parties has rejected an application by United Transformation Movement (UTM) to register it as a party by stating that the application has been made in contrast with the political party Act and was aiming at “misleading” the register.

According to the letter dated 21 September 2018 and sighed by deputy registrar of Political parties, Chikumbutso Namelo, UTM made its application on September 13, 2018.

In response, the registrar’s office says it is not lawful for the movement to register itself as UTM party while it has been operating under the full name called United Transformation Movement.

The office has further warned UTM that it is an offense to furnish false or misleading information for the purpose of obtaining registration of political party.

“UTM should be serious we understand they want to registrar as a political party but is very important to be abide by the constitution of this country.”  Said Namela who is deputy registrar of political parties.

But response public relations officer for United Transformation Chidamti Malunga said UTM will not give up hence a fresh application will be submitted very soon.

“ We will submit a new application, honestly speaking the registrar of political parties did not give a chance to explain but any way our legal team are on the ground if we fail to come up with something definitely we will make a fresh application.” Said Malunga.

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