“Democracy not just a name” – Thindwa

Lost love- Muntharika and Chilima

Political commentators in the country says political structures in most political parties do not portray democratic values as there is much hunger for power not for development.

This comes after most of the presidential aspirants are going un oppose at their National Convention a thing which is raising democratic credibility in most of the political parties in the country.

President Peter Muntharika, of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Razourous Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Atupele Muluzi of United Democratic Front (UDF)         both went un opposed during national conventions in their respective political parties living only Joyce Banda who face competition at his Peoples Party (PP) during recent convention.

She was challenged- Banda

But Chancellor College based political analyst Ernest Thidwa said their no democracy in most of the political parties despite most of them bare the word democracy on their names.

“It is very sad to see what is happening in most of the political parties, but this is not new to me l know people are afraid to challenge parties owners.” Said Thidwa.

Parties do not respect democracy- Thindwa

In the past they have tension over the leadership of different political parties as this also lead to misunderstand Kasimu Chilumpha. Joyce Banda and recently the Vice President Soulos Chilima both have been forced to part ways with their mother political parties.

“The current scenario is a mimic of what happen in the past the history is just being rewritten.” Thidwa highlighted.

But despite the predicaments but Thidwa said there is need to improve the political party’s structures to give room to other interested aspirants to bring development in the country.  

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