Dimba takes oath of office as Member of Parliament

By Morton Sibale – Mana.

Malawi Congres Party,Peter Dimba has become the newest legislator of the august house after he took oath of office and oath of allegiance as a Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South Constituency.

Dimba, who triumphed in the January 30 by-election, took the oaths at Parliament building Monday morning in a ceremony that was administered by Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Chief Justice said he expects the lawmaker to respect the Constitution in the course of discharging his duties as a public servant and a representative of the people.

“The Constitution you have sworn to respect and protect should establish the morals in discharging your duties. 

“It is the bedrock of every society. Your loyalty is to the Constitution, and thorough it, to the State and public that you serve,” Nyirenda said.

The Chief Justice further called on the legislator to put the interests of his constituents first in the course of discharging his duties as an MP.

“Your constituents have entrusted you to promote their interests in this house. Always remember that as their representative, you owe them, not only your time, but also industry and impartiality in the serious issues affecting their day to day life,” the chief justice said.

Speaking after the ceremony, Dimba said he is ready to serve the interests of his people at the expense of partisan interests.

“I am ready to serve the interests of my constituency ahead of any partisan interests. As members of the national assembly, I understand that our number one duty is to serve interests of the people of Malawi,” Dimba said. 

Dimba emerged victorious in a highly contested Lilongwe South Constituency by-election where he defeated four other candidates. 

The election in Lilongwe South Constituency failed to take place on 21 May, 2019 following the death of one candidate in the lead-up to the election. 

The by-election was initially scheduled for November 5, 2019, but was cancelled due to violence that characterised the campaign period. 


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