Education can stop abuse, end poverty-First Lady


Educating the girl child can end poverty and abuse, First Lady Monica Chakwera has said.

Chakwera was speaking in London on Friday when she received 13 laptops from the Malawi UK Military Community (MUMCO) for her ‘Shape Our Future’ Foundation to go towards girl education project the foundation is running in Malawi.

“I sincerely believe that educating the girl child has benefit to both the child and community. An empowered girl can escape poverty and potential abuse. We should all strive to educate the girl child,” said the First Lady.

She told MUMCO that her foundation is keen to ensure girls stay in school and that support from organisations will be channeled directly to the beneficiaries.

“I am glad that Malawians in the UK Military continue to help us back home. This is very commendable, let’s continue this partnership to benefit our children and leave Malawi better than we found it. The challenge is huge,” said the First Lady.

MUMCO Chairperson, Sheila Banda Tobie, said the donation to ‘Shape Our Future’ Foundation was part of the organisation’s efforts to give back to communities in Malawi which has been a cornerstone of their association.

“We are committed to recognise the efforts Malawi did to us as we grew up in the country. We will continue to support you and any efforts that benefits Malawians,” said Banda Tobie.

MUMCO has been supporting various Malawi initiatives for some time.

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