Elderly woman dies after house collapses on her

By George Mponda –Mana.

A 90 -year-old woman died in Dedza on Wednesday after strong winds brought down her house at around 3:00 p.m. while she was inside.  

Group Village Headman Nyombe in Traditional Authority Kaphuka identified the deceased as Veregesi Yolamu from his village.

“Strong winds followed by heavy rains hit our village, uprooting trees and felling houses in the process.

“Unfortunately, one of our grandmothers was inside her house when it collapsed, crushing her under the rubble; she died later at Mtendere Health Centre,” GVH Nyombe said.

According to Disaster Risk Management Officer for Dedza, Blessings Kamtema, stormy rains have ravaged the district since the onset of the rainy season.

“This is the second fatal accident caused by stormy rains that have been recorded. Last week, another elderly woman died in Traditional Authority Kasumbu when her house fell on her,” he said.

Kamtema added that traditional authorities Chauma, Kasumbu and Kaphuka are ones that have recorded heavy damage since the start of the rainy season leaving hundreds destitute.

“As government, we are going to provide the necessary assistance to those in need, however, I would like to appeal to different stakeholders to help us by making available provisions which will assist those in need,” Kamtema said.


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