Friends of Salima speaks out against gender

One of the friends of Salima members, Blessings Kamoto says time has come for the country to stop sideline women in decision making as the world marks the of 16 days of activism against gender – based violence last week.

Kamoto says a lot of women are facing many challengers because some people consider them as second class, forgetting that women can change communities if given a chance.

She observes that there are issues in the country that need to be tacked by women, and voting for them will ensure that issues of gender based violence are solved

“Just like men, women can contribute a lot in terms of development and decision making, a lot of women have passion to lead but due to gender the society choose to sideline them which is not good for democracy and 50-50 campaign” said Kamoto.

In an interview on tuesdays, Kamoto says as friends of Salima they are working hard in the district to fight male dominance and she is optimistic that women will soldier on, stand firm against them.

Kamoto then urged communities to stop despising women because they have ability to change the society if given a chance.

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