I am not afraid- Kapiseni


Called for fresh primaries in Salima Central Constituency- Munthari

Salima central constituency member of parliament aspirant for Malawi Congress Party MCP Gerard Kapiseni Phiri said he is not afraid to compete with anyone during the primary elections for the party.

Kapiseni who rule out the possibility of fresh primaries in Salima central constituency despite General secretary Revered  Moreec Munthari called for fresh primaries in the constituency  after the previous primaries where declared null and void by the National Executive Committee last month.

“They will be primaries in all 193 Constituency across the country including Salima Central Constituency.” Said Munthari

But Kapiseni said the previous primary elections were mandated by NEC, therefore the party will not hold any primaries for Member of Parliament aspirant.


“I am not and l have not been afraid l know people are talking a lot that I am not confident enough, No! way can l be afraid and believe me or not l will win in 2019.” Said Kapiseni

kapiseni is facing challenge from billionaire Joshua Chisa Mbera who was denied the opportunity of representing MCP due to his over staying in  South Africa.

Central region Chairperson for MCP Augustin Chidzanja  who is supporting Kapiseni said Chisa Mbere can not represent MCP because the constitution of the party clearly oppose him to do so.

A threat to Kapiseni- Chisa Mbere

” The party can not contain Chisa Mbere due to his over stay in South Africa the Constitution can and will not allow him it is not me but the party.” Said Chidzanja.

At the moment Chisa Mbere said he will challenge Kapisen on the Ballot as an independent candidate joining Samuel Tembenu for ruling Democrati Progressive Party DPP and Paul Joh Kayuni in the race to govern Salima Central constituency.

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