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By : Louis Khama Majamanda

Crs Director general Jevason Sangunga making his speech

Night to remember for the entire Chisomo radio station staff members particularly for those the word “best” fit them as Chisomo Gala night has instill its own adoration.

As the director general for cerebrated radio station Jevason Sanguga graced the soil of River Mark Lodge in Salima on the night of 25 January 2019 marking the 2nd anniversary of the radio, no one believe that the story of the night will differentiate the best from the rest as the Gala night set the standard of its own.

Come the hour come the second all believed to have set the tone as the Director of Chisomo radio station Jevason Sanguga step on the podium and describe the journey of Chisomo radio station as “Miracle attribution” on the other hard gazing his team with a sigh of joy and proud  on his face.

“I am happy for this night, this is a dream come true, this journey was and will never be easy.” Said Sanguga

“You know this is not profitable radio station we depend on small, small business we undertake on daily bases, but we always try to sustain a living as we all know “Miracle exist”…. Our young boys and girls are very much dedicated and understanding, l just want to say to you my team I am much proud of you guys.”

Station Manager Jean Chilombo introducing her team

It was night of excitement as the hosts of the show Van Clayton Dem star and Spiwe Banda could have find the best Verbs to describe each and every second of the night.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this night is the night made of all nights.” Said Van Clayton Dem star as he was trying to describe the value of the Chisomo Gala Night.

“Nights come nights goes but believe me ladies and gentlemen they will not be another night like this one.” Also the beautiful, Spiwe Banda find her collect grammar to settle the level of the event.

Each and every Crs Staff member could even feel that this is our night, the energetic team could not wait to hear their fate for the glamorous awards but it was not a night for the awards only but also to interact as Jevason Sanguga put it “this night the brains meet” yes indeed big brains speckles for one common goal cerebrating the 2nd anniversary of Crs.

District Commissioner Representative Mr Machisa who was also the guest of honor could not hind his joy as he say nobody even dreamed of having a great radio station in the name of Chisomo radio station in Salima district.

“As Salima district council we are proud to have such a great radio in our district, nobody knows that one day Salima district will have a radio station even if we can ask our chiefs here they never even once dreamed of this kind of event or let alone having radio to call it their own.” Said Machisa.

Machisa further said Salima district now is no playing field and each and every one knows that there is a “Tiger aye” in the district.

“Salima district today wear a different face because of this radio we have, from the district commissioner (DC) the massage to you Mr Sanguga and entire staff is very clear we are behind you.”

Revelations hour come the time to differentiate the best from the rest.

“The time is here to know who are the best interns of radio presentation, Reporting and the best program on Chisomo radio station.” The gifted soft voices of Van Clayton Dem Star render a dram of dramatic feeling of entire beautiful hall filled with prominent people such as Politicians, business personals and representative from Nongovernmental organizations.

When the Guest of honor representative Mr Machisa was called upon to present the best presenter award, nobody doubted the ability of head of presenters at Chisomo radio Victor Fyson but any one also knows that he was facing a stiff contest from other presenters so it was unpredictable of who will clink the award but out of the lest single out the best, no name could have fit best on this category but that of Victor Fyson popularly known as Agoloso.

It is like a dream come true Fyson receiving best presenter award

“This award goes to my team, without them l could not even stand on this podium and being called the best.” Said Fyson 

The night was not done as more was yet to come the focal point of each and every radio depends on the News room and there are brains inside the day to day News production the master of all is the head of News as he set to lead by example.  

It was not a secret that the News room tycoon himself will inventory an award of best reporter as Noel Bauleni settle the scores on the award when he bring home the mastermind of the News writing to his own advantage.

I dedicate this to my mom- Bauleni

“I have always said, this work is a collective entity, I would like to say thanks to my mom, she is very supportive, and my chief Editor too, he never get tired of seeing and correct my work he is a man to thank tonight.” Said Bauleni when he received the award.

“Genius grooms geniuses” said Van Clayton as he calls Asiyatu Chakwera to present the best program award.

Mware with Kabwila after clinking the best program award

Followed by many listener of all aged group Tizukute program was already the favorite to clink this award as evidenced by the producer and presenter of the program Richard Mware speech when he received the award.

“I never doubt myself, I know who are l am and what my program is like, and many people adore my work so it was obvious.”  Said Mware

Among notable faces who graced the Chisomo Gala night were Member of parliament for Salima North west constituency Jessie kabwira, Shadow Member of parliament for Salima Central constituency Joshua Chisa Mbere who also give out the 50 thousand Malawi kwacha to ach ward winner in all categories and a 100 thousand for both medalist of the night.               

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