InPATH project and artist partner on improving maternal and child health in Salima.

The Integrated Pathways for Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Project (InPATH) has describe art as one of the best tool to address challenges that people are facing in the village on health service delivery.

In an interview on Thursday,In PATH team member in Salima Skefa Chimoto who is a musician said they are using art to disseminate messages about prevention on some of the disease especially cholera that comes because of lack of hygeine.

He said that the methodology which they are using in Salima its a little different with what they have been doing before.

Chimoto said this time the project is approaching the community different with past which shows how success the project will be among beneficiaries.

He said:”Art is one of things that make the world go around,for example am using music,my music sometimes it restores hope in the people that are hopeless ,it brings together people that i can even talk to ,hence co water and one drop has find it right to use artist to disseminate  the messages about prevention on some of the disease

“We know that people already  have the information,but they are not doing what they know so we are here to find out what is that they are doing,why they are doing and what should we do for them to do what they know

“Its not about telling them what to do,its not about telling the the message,we know they already have the message,but they are not practicing what they know,he said.

One Drop is providing financial support to InPATH’s WASH infrastructure as well as technical assistance to tackle behavior change in adopting health behaviors by both users and service providers through an innovative approach of Social Art for Behavior Change.

The project is being implemented in Chitipa,Kasungu and Salima with support from One Drop from Canada in conjunction with the Ministry of health.

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