Karonga TTC decries community encroachment

By Leonard Masauli – Mana

Principal for Karonga Teachers Technical College has decried encroachment by people from the surrounding communities who graze their livestock and practices cultivation inside the college campus.

During graduation ceremony forover 300 IPTE 13 students on Monday, Karonga TTC Principal, Medium Donald Kayira said communities have found solace in livestock grazing and farming inside thecollege’spremises.

He said this has affected the school’s environment as cattle damage lawn, flowers and sometimes teaching and learning samples which he said is unfortunate.

“We have challenges with the surrounding communities due to encroachment. The people have invaded the college boundary to cultivate and sometimes they release their livestock to feed in the school campus where possibly they feel like the grass is greener than outside.

“We have so far engaged communities and chiefs on the same and we are currently building a brick fence, replacing the wired one which was damaged by the same community,” Kayira pointed out.

The Principal decried insufficient funding which he said affects the college operations as everything depends on finances to progress.

He advised the graduating teachers to work hard and teach as they have been trained and benefited from the new curriculum.  

Head Teacher for Maghemo Secondary School, Crescent Kapila advised the graduates to work hard and be patient as they wait to be posted to various schools.

President for the outgoing students of IPTE13, Collins Mtonga said the students were excited to reach complete their course, saying it was not easy enduring a number of challenges encountered during the training.  

“We have stayed at the campus for two years and we have endured a number of challenges but still we have managed to overcome, as we wait for government to employ us,” he said.

During the ceremony, the teachers received their certificates of recognition as well as awards for best performers among other achievements.

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