Kasitu Coal mine pledges development support

By Andrew Mkonda – Mana.

Kasitu Coal Mine in Karonga District has pledged to complement government efforts in improving the living standard of people in the area by providing them with social basic amenities. 

Kasitu Coal Mine Administrative Officer, Last Strawo made the remarks Friday when Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Mungasulwa Mwambande toured the site.

He said a Memorandum of the Understanding (MoU) between the company and the members of the community was already signed and that anytime they would start implementing what they agreed.

“We have a very sound working relationship with members of the community here and as a company we will make sure to implement what we agreed in our memorandum of understanding,” Strawo said 

The Officer said the communities are looking for three boreholes, a clinic and a mobile tower network which he said will open up the area in terms of communications.

Recently, different miners in Chitipa and Karonga have been taken to task for not doing their corporate social responsibility for communities.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Mwambande urged the management of Kasitu Coal Mine and others in the country to assist government in providing social basic amenities to the communities they are working in. 

‘We know you make a lot of money from mining and it is wise and proper to give back to the community where your resources are coming from.

“As government we are expecting all the areas where mining is taking place in the country to develop and improved livelihood of the people in those areas,” he said

Mwambande warned proprietors of different mining companies across the country to stop abusing Malawians working in their sites by giving them little salaries and making them work without protective gears. 

Kasitu Coal Mining has 50 employees and 37 of them are from within the area and the district.


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