Leader of opposition in Parliament threatens to withdraw from the presidential Task force on covid19 over the missing funds

Government describe it as political

Leader of opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa threaten to withdraw from the Presidential Task Force on Covid19 over the missing funds meant for the fight against Covid19.

He was speaking on Thursday February 11 2021 during a press briefing in Lilongwe at Parliament building, where he said he feels the obligation to speak on the 6.2 billion Malawi Kwacha meant for the fight against covid19 while reports are indicating that some of the money is missing.

” I have been gathering the information from last week to give Malawians facts, and from reports i received most of the money was abused the information i have also indicate that the zomba District Council was given K30 million Kwacha for the fight against covid19 but K7 million on that money was used for paying Salaries” Nankhumwa expressed.

According to Nankhumwa most councils abused the funds and there have been duplication of roles between Ministry of Healthy and Ministry of Land hence requesting Chakwera to establish forensic Audit.

“Another worry some thing is that K42 million meant for the fight was distributed as allowances at Lilongwe District Council, fellow Malawians let me tell you this there has also been duplication of roles between Ministry of Healthy and Ministry of Land and  on that i appeal to President Chakwera to call for a forensic audit by the National Audit Office within 14 days, and am also requesting Speaker of National Assembly to institute an adhoc committee to look at the issues of suspected abuse of funds” Added Nankhumwa.

CRS ONLINE called  government spokesperson, who is also minister of information Gospel Kazako to comment on the matter who says the Tonse alliance government has nothing to hide and that Malawians will get to know the truth about the 6.2 billion kwacha in question .and refuse to be drawn into what he calls cheap politics.

“Firstly i must say that as presidential Task Force will not comment on that one because the honorable leader of position he is part of our membership actually very active member in the Task Force and again as government we will try as much as possible not to involve politics in issue because we think that politics is something that will compromise the process of getting to the root of the issue, this is serious and important issue an issue to do with accountability and transparency and as government we are now encouraged and motivated that Malawians are standing coming in front of their government asking questions on how there resources and money have been utilized” Kazako tackled.

Critics are faulting the Presidential Taskforce on Covid19 for scrutinizing cluster financial reports instead of instituting an independent audit.

In August last year, the Treasury disbursed 6.2 billion kwacha to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs-DODMA for Covid 19 response.


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