Livingstonia and Nkhoma Synods speak on co-existence

By Salome Gangire – Mana

Church of Central African Presbyterian (C.C.A.P) Livingstonia Synod has called for peaceful co–existence with sister synod of Nkhoma.

Livingstonia Synod general secretary, Rev. Levi Nyondo made the call Sunday at Multi Career Secondary School premises in Mzuzu during decommissioning service for Reverend Yassin Gama of C.C.A.P Nkhoma Synod who is going to Mvama C.C.A.P in Lilongwe after serving a term of three years at Mzuzu Nkhoma Synod C.C.A.P.

The call comes after many years of disagreements between the two synods over territorial encroachment.

Nyondo said pastors of the two synods should love one another so that their flocks should also emulate the same.

He hailed Reverend Gama for his ministry in the north which he described as exceptional and united the people of the two synods.

“Reverend Gama’s ministry made us to be one and to show that, we used to send Rev Gama to preach in our churches,” said Nyondo.

Nkhoma synod deputy secretary general, Reverend Brian Kamwendo said it was encouraging to hear Rev Nyondo preaching co-existence a thing that Nkhoma synod also promotes.

“As Nkhoma Synod we are not promoting the church but I want people to understand that this is a kingdom initiative where we want many lost souls to come to Christ,” Kamwendo said.

He said as regards to strategies and  differences that are there, they are to do with  administration but as regards to the core business of preaching the gospel to glorify  the name of God and seeing that people are coming to Jesus Christ, the church is one.

Kamwendo said Nkhoma Synod has made a number of strides including bringing lost souls to Christ, in the northern region.

“We have seen that the gospel message has been well received because many people have joined us after receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour but also becoming solid members of the church other than becoming a regionalist type of initiative,” he said.

In his remarks, Rev Yassin Gama described his journey in the north as good with successes and challenges.

“It was a wonderful journey as it was the first time to be in a mission field where I was able to plant churches and do other things,” he said.

Rev Yassin Gama was the first minister to be inducted in the northern jurisdiction to head Mzuzu CCAP Nkhoma Synod as a missionary and a pastor in November, 2016.

During the decommissioning ceremony, people presented various gifts including an X-trail car.

This could be the first time to hear the two synods preach coexistence.

For over a decade there have been differences over boundary issues, which resulted in the two synods establishing churches into each other’s territory after failing to reach an agreement.

The Northern region belonged to Livingstonia Synod while Nkhoma Synod had Central Region.

C.C.A.P Blantyre Synod was not part of the disagreements and it still operates within its territory of southern region without interference from any other synod.


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