Malawi president criticized for picking daughter as diplomat

By Peter Jegwa – BBC

Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera is receiving fiercecriticism for appointing his daughter, Violet, to serve at Malawi’s embassy inBrussels as Third Secretary.

MrChakwera made ending nepotism – which he said was the hallmark of hispredecessor Peter Mutharika’s government – a key pledge during his electioncampaign in 2020.

Andnow social media is awash with screenshots of speeches and newspaper cuttingsdepicting the president condemning his predecessor for being nepotistic.

Akey social media influencer, Onjezani Kenani, who was also a fierce critic ofthe former regime, is among the more prominent voices condemning PresidentChakwera, suggesting he is proving to be worse than Mr Mutharika.

“Thelast time I checked, Peter Mutharika never appointed any son or daughter of histo any taxpayer funded position,” Mr Kenani, pointed out.

Theformer president did however appoint his niece, Duwa to serve as FirstSecretary at Malawi’s embassy in South Africa.

StateHouse has defended the president’s appointments, saying everyone who has beengiven a job was considered for positions based on their qualifications.

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