Man arrested over cattle theft

By Emmanuel Yokoniya – Mana

Police in Mulanje are keeping in custody a 32 year old man for stealing four cattle.

Mulanje Police Publicist, Gresham Ngwira, said in an interview on Thursday that the complainant, Kesten Chimera,  on Wednesday night received a phone call from his uncle informing him that unknown criminals had broken the kraal and stole four cattle.

“Then they started following footsteps before finding three of the four cattle in another kraal,” said Ngwira.

After taking the cattle back, the people continued following the footsteps which led them to Felix Phingo’s house where they found some blood stains and dung.

Ngwira said following the report, police visited the scene and searched the suspect’s house before finding part of the carcass in a fridge.

“The law enforcers then arrested the suspect who is expected to appear in court soon to answer charges of theft,” he said.

Phingo is a native of Nam’male Village, Senior Chief Chikumbu in the district.


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