Manaso condemns violence against women and girls, tips journalist on HIV law.

Malawi aids organizations in Malawi (Manaso),development specialist Sarah Dale, has condemned violence against women and girls saying it is a form of abuse which is fuelling the spread of HIV, and must be eliminated.

In an interview,with CRS Dale  condemned the practice of compulsory testing of HIV, saying it is nor allowed in the country, according to Malawi’s HIV/Aids dissemination act.

“Journalist can make HIV/Aids a priority to fight against it, using mass media that is why the whole essence of this training was to enhance Salima-based journalist knowledge of the new HIV/Aids law,” said Dale.

The specialist development noted, however that the country is making strides in fight violence against women and girls and provide comprehensive legislative framework for combating, preventing and manage the virus using human rights based gender sensitive approach.

On her part Sarai Chisalu, womens lawyers association of Malawi president says concurred with Dale saying media practitioners have a very important role to play in dissemination of HIV information, because in the country most homes have access to at least one media.

She said the use of community radio stations, television and print media can be used to educate a lot of people about HIV/Aids, prevention adherence and also treatment among others

Said Chisalu: “Journalist have the ability to educate the community on HIV law, because they can use numerous broadcasting strategies to reach out to people.”

The training attracted over 15 journalists from different media houses in the lakeshore district of Salima, which include Malawi news agency, the nation, Zodiak broadcasting station, Times group, Chisomo Radio station and Love community radio station.

Manaso with support from UNwomen is implementing a project called community-led elimination of violence against women and girls(Evawg) and HIV/Aids dissemination, known as Tikhale tcheru project in Salima,Karonga and Mulanje districts.

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