Minister commends Council for their project implementation

By Chimwemwe Njoloma – Mana.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Lingson Belekanyama has commended Lilongwe District Council for the projects it was undertaking under the Community Development Fund (CDF)

He made the remarks Friday at a ceremony to commission rehabilitation of roads and construction of Mtudzi Irish bridge in his constituency, Msozi South, Traditional Authority (T/A) Masula in Lilongwe.

Belekanyama hailed the District Council for their commitment towards implementation of different projects in the district.

The Minister said constructing Mtudzi Bridge would ease transportation challenges people of the area have especially kids who most of the times during rainy season could not attend classes when the river flooded.

“The Projects being commissioned today have got a lot of benefits to people of this constituency. It will link communities of Msinja Ward to Mitundu Rural Hospital and linking learners of Msinja Ward to various schools,” he said.

He added that the project would facilitate access to markets for farmers of Msinja ward.

“We hope that people’s livelihoods will improve as it will be an opening of market accessibility. The projects have also created job opportunities because of those working on the projects will be sourced from here,” Belekanyama said.

He said that Lilongwe Msozi South Constituency has got a lot of needs and he would make sure that the CDF should be well utilized. 

“We are implementing these projects from our CDF, we will continue working hand in hand with the council so that we fulfill most of our dreams and together build this nation,” the Minister said.

District Commissioner (DC) for Lilongwe, Lawford Palani said the Council was delighted that it was implementing all the projects after making consultations with the communities.

He said the Council officials would make sure that the work was well supervised so that they deliver quality work that will last long as it serves the people of Namulera.

“We have the resources and we have followed all procurement procedures and I am so confident that the contractor will do a good job,” the DC said.

Construction of the bridge has been awarded to a local company called Rodu Building and Civil Engineering Company.

Operations Officer for the Company, Frank Kaphala said the company would deliver the best as stipulated in the contract.

He said people of the area have given them support and that assures them that there would be total ownership of the project.


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