Minister Launches campaign to end GBV in Kasungu

By Yankho Phiri

Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Dr Jean Kalirani Tuesday launched Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG) campaign in Kasungu which is aimed at fighting various forms of abuse against women and children in the district.

The Ministry will conduct the campaign jointly with Oxfam Malawi.

Speaking during the launch, the Minister said she was very happy with how the programme is helping in reducing cases of violence against women and girls in other districts where it is being implemented.

“Since my Ministry launched this programme last year in Mzimba, I am very happy because Chiefs and other stakeholders are greatly supporting it. We have received reports that through the programme cases of early marriages have been reduced and girls have gone back to school which is interesting,” Kalirani pointed out.

Senior Chief Kaomba hailed the introduction of the initiative saying it would help in reducing cases of child labour and exploitation of women on tobacco estates in the district.

“We hope that through the programme our women and girls will be sensitized about their rights and they will be able to report any cases of abuse against them,” he said.

Oxfam Malawi Deputy Country Director, Lingalireni Mihowa said the organisation was compelled to introduce the campaign after noting various forms of abuses targeting women and children.

EVAWG Programme is being implemented six districts where it is helping keep girls in schools by supporting them with financial assistance and other necessities with funding from United Nations through Oxfam and Girls empowerment Network (GENET).


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