My daughter not going to Brussels, Chakwera

By  Kondwani Munthali – The AfricaBrief.

President Lazarus Chakwera says he only appoints Ambassadors and Deputies in foreign service, and he does interfere with Ministries and officials in conduct of their duties.

In his first direct comment on alleged appointment of his daughter Violet to the Malawi Mission to the European Union, the President challenged those making allegations to check on their facts.

“I am amazed that someone like you can make such allegations. No, she is not going to Brussels,” said the President when asked about it and when read about statements he made about the nepotism, the President asked the host, “are you talking about qualifications?”

He said he does not interfere with operations of Ministries and any other appointments lower than the stated ranks were not made by him.

BBC Host Sarah Montague tried to pin Chakwera about his delegation to London, saying it contained family members who were not part of the meeting.

“I brought Malawians who have a role to play on the delegation. Each member of the delegation has own role to play,” said the President.

The President also dismissed the internet sensation that he had travelled to attend a virtual summit. 

“I have attended virtual summits before in Malawi, I am here because I was invited to come in person,” said the President.

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