National Social Mobilization Committee (NSMC) advocates the Revised Readmission Policy

NSMC upskill Community Radio personals and different stake holders in Salima on Reviewed Admission Policy

The government of Malawi, through the National Social Mobilization Committee has trained different stakeholders in Salima on learners re-admission policy related topics.

This was done through a program for the community media orientation on covid-19 emerging issues which the committee conducted in the district.

Speaking during the meeting Wallace Chipeta from the ministry of Information uttered that in conjunction with the ministry of Education the meeting was meant to orient community radios and District Social Mobilization Committee for Salima on different issues.

“The meeting has been organized to tackle different issues and one of them is to orient the community radios on readmission policy which has been reviewed because it had some challenges, but now it is clear that those girls dropped out from school because they were pregnant and even those boys involved impregnating the girl and then dropped out from school, with this policy they are allowed to go back to school, so our coming here is to make sure that Community Radio personals and District Social Mobilization Committee are conversant with the revised readmission policy” Chipeta explained.

The coming in of covid19 alot things have been negatively affected and among other effects, is the rising number of school dropouts due to different explanations including pregnancies and poverty.

To tackle this problem, the National Social Mobilisation Committee organized a programme for the Community Media Orientation on Covid 19 emerging issues, focusing on the learners Rea-admission Policy.

The meeting took place at Jacleen Lodge in Salima district involving different representatives from different stakeholders as well as sectors such as Information, Education, Health, Media, and district councils.

BY: Benson Mwambene

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