Needy Students to Benefit from Dreamshare Foundation Scholarship

By Aisha Amidu – Mana.

A total of 3,750 needy students from various Community Day Secondary Schools across Malawi are expected to benefit from Dreamshare Foundation scholarship.

Dreamshare Foundation is a non-profit organisation which started in 2017 with the aim of reaching out to needy students who are staying at home because they do not have basic necessities to enable them to be in school.

Executive Director of Dreamshare Foundation, Charles Kabene said education acts as a catalyst that pulls families and communities out of the poverty cycle as they become acquainted with literacy and numerous skills.

“So for students to stay at home just because they come from poor families is like giving poverty a chance to stay in them forever and to end this is by providing the needy ones with tuition fees,” Kabene said.

“Education is very important because knowledge gives children the power to dream of a better future and impart them with life skills so that they should be financially independent,” he said.

He further said that education also makes a significant difference to adults when it has been applied in day-to-day decision making such as nutrition, health and others which makes them be role models to their younger ones.

Dreamshare has managed to pay fees for 410 students even though their target is to reach a few thousand needy students who are at a greater risk of dropping out of school due to financial challenges. 

The headmaster of Njuli Community Day Secondary School in Chiradzulu, Anthony Mkweteza appreciated the work that Dreamshare Foundation is doing as it has brought back a smile to hardworking students who were at a greater risk of dropping out of school due to financial challenges.

“I can proudly say that the classrooms are now full as the Dreamshare Foundation has managed to bring back the lost hope of the needy students who thought that they would not make it due to financial problems,” Mkweteza   said.

He further said that the school dropout cases have decreased compared to previous years as the Dreamshare crew acts as role models to the students.

Maria Chimbayani of Johnkamete village TA Mpama in Chiradzulu district explained how Dreamshare has helped her kids to go back to school by paying them fees at Njuli CDSS and by providing them with basic necessities.

“As a mother of five who rely mostly on piece works thought it wise for my kids to drop out of school because they were being chased away from time to time since I could not pay the tuition for them,” Chimbayani said.

She continued saying that she knew that she has killed the dream of her first born daughter who wanted to become a nurse but she could not do anything until Dreamshare came along and brought her kids back to school.

She pleaded with other well wishers to join hands with Dreamshare foundation so that more needy students should be reached out to have more educated people who will help in developing the nation.

Dreamshare Foundation does not only provide tuition fees but it also provides mentorship and material support to the needy students.




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