No cardinal political relationship between JB and SKC

Looking for ectroral alliance- Chilima

Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima and Former President Joyce Banda over the weekend meet at the former president resident in Zomba a move that sparkled discussion over their political relationship ahead of 2019 tripartite elections.

Both Banda and Chilima have shown interest in the move to face their soul enemy Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) together on the ballot during forthcoming elections.

During the Zomba rally, Chilima said Banda was supportive of United Transformation Movement (UTM) pledge to create one million jobs within the first 12 months in office if elected in the May 21 2019 tripartite elections.

But political commentators in the country shared different opinion on the meeting of the two political tycoons Chancellor College based political commentator Ernest Thindwa said the two do not have history together on the political scene but there is a high possibility that the two may form electoral alliance during elections.

“The meeting was very surprise because the two do not have history together in politics, they may have same motive to outnumber (DPP) during the political race but I am surprised.” Said Thindwa

To face each other on the ballot- Muntharika and Chilima

Another political commentator Cannon Chenjezi said he doesn’t see Banda and Chilima working together due to their background and also the two have different political ideologies hence rule out the possibility of political alliance.

Rule out political alliance between Banda and Chilima- Chenjezi

“Some may say that there is no everlasting political enemies but history tells us different story, remember the same people who are with Chilima where arrested by Banda, Kaliyati and the others so it is quite intrigue to think that they can work with Banda.” Said Chenjezi

Both Banda and Chilima will be looking forward to outstand the mighty Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but this task will be easy if the two opt to work togetrher.

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