No gap in press office – Kampondeni

By Patricia Kapulula – Mana.

State House has dismissed fears of a gap in the institutions Press Office following the President’s sanctioning of the departure of Press Secretary, Brian Banda for a fellowship in China.

State House Director of Communication, Sean Kampondeni said during a State House Brief at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Monday that governance framework was so vast hence there would be no deficiency in distribution of information related to government agenda in the absence of one person who has taken leave.

He said the press office was not an individual but an institution which he said would be functional even as the press secretary takes leave.

“We have Ministry of Information that is a government mouth piece and all of the ministries across Capital Hill, with a few exceptions; have Public Relations Officers that furnish the public with information.

“Departure of one person doesn’t mean that that institution is left with a gap. The government is more robust than that,” Kampondeni said.

He said that government has more than one mouth piece and Banda’s leave should not be a cause for concern saying it is the President’s responsibility to make sure that institutions such as the Press Office continues to function even in the absence of an individual.

The Director cited the one-week absence of President Chakwera to the Global Education Summit in London, United Kingdom as one of such which didn’t see the presidency stopping functioning.

“The Presidency continues even in the absence of a member of the presidency. So this is how governance institutions work which is why the president is taking immediate measures to ensure that the role of the press secretary is not left vacant,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kampondeni will be carrying out press secretary duties until the time an Acting Press Secretary will be announced.

There have been speculations about Banda’s scholarship with some media houses saying he has been fired for gross misconduct and worsening President Chakwera’s public relations crisis.

However, according to Kampondeni, what has been said remains official stance on the matter.

Banda said he leaves for China this Friday, called upon journalists to always cross check facts before putting anything on different platforms saying in that way they would serve the people better.



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